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I have been working in the IT industry for the past 10 years as a software developer on the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. As an experienced full stack developer at any level of websites, desktop and mobile applications I constantly work with my clients to create the best solutions.

Rich desktop applications, responsive and user-friendly websites, mobile applications that will work with any smart device, all of that I will bring to your success starting with a small presentative websites and ending with the complex enterprise and B2B solutions.

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Nakolesah database

This is a project of a large database containing all company's information, such as products, services, warehouses, quantities, prices, quantities and prices of suppliers, offices, employees, orders and purchases, nomenclatures, delivery and transportation. The database contains more that 150 tables, 400 stored procedures and 60 views. Moreover, the database is using for website and B2B transactions.

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Kahuna web services

WCF and SOAP web services for manage company's database, import and export data, edit records, build reports and analytics.

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This is a desktop application based on WinForms framework with WPF embedded elements as a thin client for WCF and SOAP web services. The application allows company's employees to work with the database through the Internet and view orders, reports, products, prices and quantities based on roles.

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These extenders can generate data-bound columns in the DataGridView, can make data-bound controls in the FlowLayoutPanel and can group generated controls on the TableLayoutPanel. Moreover, extenders implement additional functionality for DataGridView, DataGridViewColumn, FlowLayoutPanel, TableLayoutPanel and provide several WinForms control.

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A website for selling components based on PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript and Bootstrap.

Wireless Shelf Labels

Web application based on ASP.NET Core, MVC, Bootstrap and Entity Framework. This application can manage special electronic label devices through RF and Wireless communication.

Awesome Guns

Original gameplay of X-COM: UFO Defense has a big problem in the middle and in the end of game. The game can make you feel bored. There are a steam of small UFOs, the monotonous and repetitive missions, the heavy plasma has no alternative... My suggestion to improve this situation is to make more efficient conventional weapons. Let the soldiers use different pistols, rifles, even grenade launchers and more different types of guns. Also, let the soldiers use different armours with different colours and possibilities. Moreover, let be more explosives in in the battles, more incendiary weapons and more smoke.

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When the Debian OS was released in 1993, I was in my last year of high school. I enjoyed building programs and employing algorithms, and decided to become a programmer. Today, software development is my profession, but, surprisingly, I had never heard of Debian until 2013.

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DevExpress extensions

These extensions make report development with the DevExpress library easier and more intuitive. Instead of using the Report Designer, developer can generate the reports directly in C# code.

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Job Management software to assist in navigating every job to successful completion. Designed to oversee production from the very start with job entry, budgeting, dispatch and scheduling, to view the big picture with resource planning, incentives, and commissions.

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